Youngest Fur CEOs Graduate from Tsinghua

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The fourth graduation ceremony of Tsinghua University – Kopenhagen Fur Executive Education for Fur CEOs was celebrated at the Beijing International Equestrianism Club in Beijing on March 29, 2014.


As the first EMBA program for business talents of fur industry worldwide, in 4-years’ time, the one-year program has about 150 graduates who are playing a leading role in the development of the international fur industry.

With the lowest average age, this year’s graduates showcased many key characteristics of young entrepreneurs such as energetic, confident and open minded, which are all in great needs for promoting the sustainable growth of Chinese fur trade.

The greatest change of Tsinghua Executive Education for Fur CEOs over the past years is the fact that the students are now younger and younger and are more vigorous and enthusiastic. This is very important to the Chinese fur industry, according to Kasper Scott Reinbacher, auctioneer of Kopenhagen Fur.

– We invited renowned domestic and international experts from not only Kopenhagen Fur and Tsinghua University but also from cross sectors to share the latest knowledge and trends with the students.

As the representative of Kopenhagen Fur, Kasper Scott Reinbacher awarded the students with their graduation certificates at the graduation ceremony.

Great business network

-With the help of Kopenhagen Fur, I am so honored that I can come back to a great university after being in business for so many years. Precious business experiences have been accumulated through the years, but now, with the new visions and new ways of thinking added, they are even more valuable for the future growth of my business. During the last year I have made 35 younger friends in this class that will enlarge my business network with a much closer relationship,” said Mr. Zhang Guiyuan, Hu Bei Xiao Yin Hu Fashion Co.

After the ceremony, Beijing International Equestrianism Club presented an extraordinary steeplechase horse riding performance for the students. Undoubtedly, the precious experience of a trendy new type of elite sport made the graduation day even more memorable for all.

The Tsinghua Executive Education for Fur CEOs program was initiated in 2011, with the aim of pushing the elites of fur industry to change their mindset and acquire cutting-edge knowledge and information. It also provides the students an important platform for communication and cooperation, where they can inspire each other and stimulate the development of the fashion industry together.




CEO Torben Nielsen at State Dinner



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