Yiqing Yin: Metamorphosis of beauty

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Yiqing Yin used “The Moth” as inspiration for her Haute Couture show. She reached her goal of creating a new “hybrid” fur look with breath-taking effect and compelling aesthetics by using Saga Furs® Fox.

 “They are beautiful. In all stages of their life,” Yiqing Yin says about moths. “There are so many different kinds, and if you look close up, their surfaces look like fur. I want to create a look of a non-existent fur, a hybrid, something like a new species of animal.”

Progressive ideas from working backwards

Yiqing admits her drawing abilities are limited, so she begins the creative process by examining the reality of it. She starts with financial restraints, but emphasizes:  “no compromise on the visual identity.”

Saga Furs helped the young designer in various stages of making her HC collection. “I am morphing different textures, achieving shading by cutting techniques that also give a depth to get a relief effect.

“Everything about fur is about balance, finding it and keeping it. All the way through,” she says. “It’s a translation of what’s in the air. I take technical knowledge and twist into something challenging. I want to push limits to the extreme, and the most dangerous point is the extreme.”

Metamorphosis of a designer

Yiqing says haute couture is not a top priority in terms of sales but it is an excellent means of developing a creative identity. “People may come to buy or to borrow.”

The attention her creations drew gave added momentum to her career last year when Yiqing was chosen as the face of Absolut Vodka’s “Transform Today” campaign to spotlight young talent in various fields.

Yiqing Yin certainly does not wrap herself in a creative cocoon. She takes a realistic approach to building her brand, which has cut inroads to North America, Europe and Asia.

“I got good feedback from the markets about what I presented in fur last time. My job is to add extreme creative value and Saga Furs supports me all the way. I’m happy to have the opportunity. We share a philosophy and vision.”

Still in relatively early stages of the designer’s own metamorphosis, Yiqing Yin’s career is rapidly taking wing.

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