Visionary furs at London Fashion Week

21 February of 2014 by

Fashion looks to London for fresh and daring ideas, and the shows at London Fashion Week didn’t disappoint. Saga Furs works closely with some of the city’s most illustrious designers who took superior Saga Furs® Mink and Fox to new and exciting heights.

Christopher Kane never fails to thrill with his ability to take the everyday or ‘ugly’ and transform it into something utterly desirable. This season, he looked to those plastic safety shoe covers you see in hospitals and translated them into short, slinky black waterproof nylon dresses and coats which he lined or adorned with beautiful cream Saga Furs® Mink – an ultra-chic play on extraordinary luxury versus the ordinary. Full Saga Furs® Fawn Light Fox coats and jackets had a subtle edge of the subversive with their ruched black nylon ribbing at the wrists.

Elevating everyday pieces and ‘normal’ clothes into something special is also an area Richard Nicoll excels in. He used cream Saga Furs® Mink to breathe new life and tactile beauty into the clean lines of a sleeveless top and sent out pencil skirts in red and aqua Saga Furs® Mink. It was an elegant exercise in what could be called precious minimalism.

Another basic wardrobe piece was also given a spectacular makeover at Mary Katrantzou, who gave the humble sweatshirt an incredible luxury injection. The designer showed glossy Saga Furs® Mink trophy sweatshirts in midnight blue and bottle green mink, heavily encrusted with rich, opulent embroidery.

The light and almost translucent green-tinted Saga Furs® Fox that wrapped around streamlined grey coats as an extended collar or a short sculpted cape at Todd Lynn had sprung from the very irreverent idea of marking pristine white fox with a green office highlighter pen. It was a fresh, bold move that cemented Lynn’s status as a fur innovator.

Huishan Zhang impressed with intarsia Saga Furs® Fox, where floral-like splotches of plum pink, black and white blossomed on a blue backdrop. The delicate lightness of lace evening dresses was underscored by feathery bands of black or white Saga Furs® Fox, and Zhang also played with beautiful lightness in a Saga Furs® White Finnraccoon on fabric coat – a beautiful simplicity that was also echoed at Emilia Wickstead, who paired a flawless Saga Furs® Blue Shadow Fox stole with a narrow white jumpsuit.

Elsewhere, Roksanda Illincic explored collage fur in a coat assembled from colourful clashing squares of Saga Furs® Mink and Fox alongside shearling and Mongolian lamb and continued her modernist painter streak in a voluminous red fox jacket with a blue intarsia insert on one of the sleeves.

Tom Ford went all out on the glamour with a Saga Furs® Gold Fox jacket with purple sleeves and a red and fuchsia fox coat. Both had been sheared in swirly lines to make the underwool visible, creating beautiful texture.




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