UK student uses fur in her MA collection

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The unique fascination with textiles lies in the potential for combining both traditional and new roles- those of decorating the human body and helping us look attractive, with protection, interaction and communication, while reacting to a wide range of exterior influences’ (Elsasser,2005:5)


My Masters collection at London College of Fashion has become its genesis in my Scottish heritage and has led me on a path of enquiry, investigation and introspective self-reflection. The final product of these experiences is an Autumn/ Winter 2014 Womenswear collection ‘The Clan’, which embraces both my Scottish culture and personality. This is my journey of fabricating my identity into fabric through the use of fur, embroidery and tartan.

It is my belief that the wide range of functions, movements and overall effects that can be achieved with fabrics are limitless, thus working with and manipulating Fur as this was an unknown area of intrigue for myself. A furrier company located in north London from which I was able to obtain fox fur through IFF’s Fur Futures Bursary scheme was able to add another dimension to my collection. I was intrigued by the variety of furs on offer; in particular the styles, colours and what they do, as I have not worked previously with real fur and so I wanted to expand my knowledge of the subject. On a personal level this fascinated me, as there are many generations of furriers within my family.

I was interested in the longhaired goatskin, as it reacts to movement in a similar way to the highland cow, or ‘coo’, as it is known in Scotland. I hand-dyed the goat plates into several colours ranging from lilac, candyfloss pink, neon blue and violet allowing it to become very unique and personal.

I used dip-dyed blue fox for sleeves and accessories. I was able to create a fox scarf and a fox muff and was able to adorned shoes with the Fur I had left so I was able to use it all in new and exciting ways.

I would like to thank IFF’s Fur Future Bursary for allowing a new dimension of texture to my collection.

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