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20 February of 2014 by

A top lot purchase means more than just buying a bundle of fabulous pelts. Buyers bid for a superlative product with the Saga® Lumi Royal label that tells consumers they are getting the best of the best.

The Saga Furs December auction was no exception when it comes to hot bidding for these luxurious pelts.

“Our Lumi Royal label adds value for the buyers of the top lots we sell. Lumi Royal signifies not only a brand, but tells the consumer that garments bearing the label reflect the peak of excellence,” says marketing director/CMO Jan Erik Carlson.

Fox – Mink – Finnraccoon – Top lots transform to something special

The Saga Lumi Royal Top Lot of Blue Fox was purchased by Carlo Guida LTD for Kavkaz Pushnina Company for 550 euros.

Alex Tarantola picked up the Saga Lumi Royal Top Lot of Finnraccoon for Sergio Bettin, Pellicceria Gianna at a price of 650 euros.

Gideon Bartfeld paid 100 euros for the Saga Lumi Royal Top Lot of white female mink that will go to Henri Gruber (H.Gruber Fourrures).

You can be sure that each top lot will be used to create stunningly beautiful apparel.

“Buyers appreciate brand values and recognize how the Lumi label can be used to strengthen their businesses,” says Carlson. “It sends the signal: ‘We work with the best of the best in fur.’”

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