Kopenhagen Fur

22 Feb

Buying a chinchilla fur coat is like buying a sports car


Hüseyin Fauoḡlu Serdal Doḡan from the company Punto was the buyer of the Chinchilla Top …

20 Feb

Pearl Beige were sold on the third day


Today’s sale of mink skins began at 8.30 with the offering of Pearl Beige Males. …

19 Feb

Kopenhagen Fur ‘s Top Lot buyer: A meaningful experience


For Mr Yingli Ai buying his first Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur it was truly …

19 Feb

Kopenhagen Fur : Status after the second day of sale


Kopenhagen Fur ‘s second day of sale is over. During the day, Silverblue Cross Males …

18 Feb

The first day of mink-sale is over at Kopenhagen Fur


The first day of mink-sale at Kopenhagen Fur’s February auction is over. Mahogany Males and …

17 Feb

Kopenhagen Fur Top lots at the February auction


Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce the mink Top Lots and the chinchilla Top Lot to …

13 Feb

Gallery: See all the Imagine Talents 2016 styles


Kopenhagen Fur kick-started Copenhagen Fashion Week early February with “Imagine Talents 2016”.   Here, 28 …

09 Feb

Kopenhagen Fur wants to establish a real market price


The last two international fur auctions clearly show that there is great uncertainty in the …

23 Jan

Preliminary sales programme – February auction


Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce the preliminary sales programme for the February auction which …

12 Jan

Kopenhagen Fur’s January Auction – Conclusions : Sales percentages demonstrates confidence


Kopenhagen Fur’s January auction is now finished. With a final sales percentage of approx. 70 …

12 Jan

Buying a Top Lot for the second year in a row


Last year, at the January auction 2015, Mr Min Xuebin bought a Top Lot. This …