fur care

17 Jul

Fur Care Tips

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Here are some important fur care tips for keeping your fur garment fresh and soft …

23 Apr

Fur Tips: Cleaning

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When a fur coat needs cleaning, it is essential that you take your garment to …

11 Apr

Chinchilla Fur Facts

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Chinchillas are instinctively clean and practically odorless if dust-bathed regularly (two to three times per …

10 Apr

How to Care for a Norwegian Blue Fox Fur Jacket

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Hang the fur coat on a padded hanger in a closet that has no exposure …

09 Apr

Blue Fox Fur Coats: How to Keep Them in Excellent Condition

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Blue fox fur coats are sensitive and require special care if you want to keep …

29 Mar

Caring for your Fur

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Always store your fur garments in cold storage when you are done wearing them for …

26 Mar

Fur Storage and Care Tips

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Oxidation is the enemy of fur so it is best to store your fur accessories …

26 Mar

Get fur wise on how to care for your fur

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When you are done wearing your fur garments for the season be sure to store …

25 Feb

Fur recycling

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REMODELLING OF FUR Buying a fur piece is an investment whether it is brand new …

25 Feb

Cleaning fur

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In addition to a climate-controlled storage facility, a reputable furrier will provide other services when …

23 Feb

Fur Storage


Every spring is time to store and service your valuable fur coat, leather coat, shearlings …

21 Feb

Fur Restyling


Your fur coat, fur jacket, fur cape, fur stole or even your fur collar are …