05 Feb


Must Know

BLUE FOX (ALOPEX LAGOPUS) Pale grey in colour but can produce almost white fur, known as …

20 Mar

Saga® foxes continue to rise at strong auction


The auction at Saga Furs continued today with a 100% selling of almost 200.000 foxes. …

20 Mar

Saga Lumi Royal Top Lots sales generate excitement


Top Lots of Saga Lumi Royal Mink and Fox had their debut at Saga Furs …

20 Mar

Saga® Blue fox concluded the Saga Furs March auction on a strong note


The Saga Furs auction ended today with a 100% selling of more than 500.000 Saga® …

18 Feb

This is an introduction to the origin and main characteristics of some of the most common furs used today.


North American beaver (Castor canadensis) This large, semi-aquatic, wild animal is from North America. The …