Studio NAFA hosts 7th Annual Student Fur Workshop in South Korea

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On October 9, 2015, Studio NAFA held its annual student fur workshop in Seoul, as part of Korea’s most prestigious design competition – the Joongang Design Contest.

Participating in the workshop were the six students chosen to compete in the final round of the contest. Despite hundreds of entries submitted, these six contest finalists were selected based on their technical ability, creativity, and their use of fashion in their fur designs.

Suemi Kim, NAFA’s Korean Marketing Director, began the workshop by delivering a brief introduction about NAFA and providing the students with an overview of the company’s global endeavor to promote fur and fur fashion. Following Ms. Kim’s introduction, Lumin Yao, Managing Director of Studio NAFA, gave a detailed presentation on NAFA’s renowned ranched mink and silver fox collections, as well as the six major wild fur species provided by NAFA for the competition; beaver, muskrat, red fox, grey fox, raccoon and coyote.

Throughout her presentation, Ms. Yao encouraged the students to pay close attention to the features of the furs, highlighting the possible dressing techniques for each species. In addition, Ms. Yao advised the students how to determine which furs would best suit their designs. Upon completion of the Studio NAFA presentation, the six finalists selected the furs they wished to incorporate in their designs.

The final round of the Joongang Design Contest will take place in early December in Seoul, South Korea. This is the 46th year of the competition, and the 7th year NAFA has held sponsored the contest workshops. The first and second place winners of the contest will receive an all expenses paid trip to Toronto to participate in a special, week long Studio NAFA Creative Student Workshop in 2016.

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