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01 April of 2014 by

New halls dedicated to active outdoor sports at the Chinese fair from 18-21 April 2014

Great expectations for the imminent Jinjiang Footwear (Int’l) Exposition scheduled for 18 to 21 April in the homonymous Chinese city, capitol of one of the country’s major shoe manufacturing areas.

The event will be held in three big exhibition areas, one dedicated to technology with machines and equipment for production, one with offers of materials and components for footwear and the third to host new collections of shoes from hundreds of firms. Among innovations at this 16th edition, which will occupy an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters at Jinjiang Machi City, we mention the set up of new halls dedicated to outdoor sports with the attendance of brands such as Anta, 361°, Doublestar and X-step as well as firms specialized in sports equipment such as Sevlae, Telent and Camkids.


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