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Another team of sorting course attendees at Kopenhagen Fur Academy just finished. The attendees gained a lot of knowledge about the fur business. That knowledge exactly is in high demand all over the world.


-This course has been a great experience. We got a very thorough introduction to the many aspects of this business. We learned about sorting, grading and farming and of course about the hectic auction room, says Nicolas Sørensen, sorting course attendee from Denmark.

This unique opportunity to get an insight into the fur business is something that more and more people want according to Brian Tufvesson, Head of Customer Department at Kopenhagen Fur.

-We are experiencing an increase in the demand for these courses. People all over the world want to learn more about the fur business, which of course makes us very proud. We are very happy to invite people to join the sorting course and it is a great pleasure to see former attendees now sitting in the auction room, which is what this initiative is all about.

High motivation

Brian Tufvesson also experiences the tendency that the sorting course attendees are getting more and more motivated for each course.

-This time they have been exceptionally focused and eager to learn, says Brian Tufvesson.

This is the case for Nicolas. To say the least, he would not mind having more time to get to know the fur business even better.

-It has been a tough couple of weeks, but I wish we had time to learn even more. The final exam in the auction room was awesome. We felt the hectic and exciting environment and the pressure of getting the orders done was thrilling. Especially, I wish we could have had some more time in the auction room.

Another sorting course attendee, Russian Ms. Yanina Glushko, was more excited about the skin sorting procedure, since her family has fur retail shops. But the introduction to the auction room might still be relevant for her in the future.

-I learned a lot about quality, so now I think I could even teach my parents a few things that they do not know. Besides, my parents are thinking about not only selling fur styles but also go into manufacturing. This could be an opportunity to come back to Kopenhagen Fur and use my knowledge from the auction course, she says.

Another benefit

Both Nicolas and Yanina Glushko agree that the experience had more to it than the course itself.

-For me it is also about meeting new people and get new connections. The other people on the course were very nice and I am glad that I met them. I would recommend the sorting course to anyone who is connected to the fur business, Yanina Glushko says.

-It is really sad having to leave all the new friends that I have got during this course, Nicolas says.



June auction continues on a positive note



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