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The international fur trade is a responsible and growing industry which remains buoyant despite the slow global economic growth.  More than one million people are employed by the fur trade and the trade provides skilled and semi skilled employment in a wide variety of areas; including farming and animal food production, veterinary research, animal food production, sorting and warehouse management, buying and selling, tanning and dyeing, cutting, hand-sewing and designing garments and homeware, marketing and retailing.

Courses and training in various aspects of the fur sector are on offer throughout the world. Please see our sample of courses on offer and contact the course provider directly for further information. Please continue to check this page for updated information.


Work placement at Hockley, London 


How to apply – email CV

Who can apply – fashion students (2nd or 3rd year of Degree or Masters)

How are candidates selected – appropriate students are selected by interview

How long are work placements – usually 2 weeks

Description of what students get to be involved with – a wide range of tasks including pattern cutting. Students get to help out in the Studio and can also get assistance and advice with their own projects.

Is there a waiting list – Yes

How many places – if at a very busy time then 2 or 3 students at a time.



Association Name: Deutsches Pelz Institut

Association contact details:

Niddastr. 66-68
60329 Frankfurt

Tel: 069-242635-40
, Fax: 069-242635-21


Name of the course: Furrier education

Name of the school: Staatliche Berufsschule, Fuerth

School contact details: 

Staatliche Berufsschule
Fichtenstr. 9, 90763 Fürth, Germany

Tel: +49 911/74346


Entry requirements: Competed secondary education

Fees: €465 for the first, €556 for the second and €659 for the third year of training. The school has scholarship opportunities for local and foreign students.

Duration: Three years

Certificates/diplomas obtained: Vocational training certificate



Name of the course: Training in modern techniques of fur tailoring and simulation.

School name: European school for fur design and furrier skills

School contact details:

Ms Kira Jensen

Tel: +4798485823


Entry requirements: Competed secondary education

Fees: TBC

Duration: depending on the kind of the course attended

Certificates/diplomas obtained: There are full/part time courses available, as well as online training.



Association Name: Estonian Fur Association

Association contact details:

Kilbi 6
11711 Tallinn

Tel: +372 661 9702, Fax: + 372 661 9701



Name of the course: Fur farming

Name of the school: Järva County Vocational Training Centre (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research)

School contact details:

Järva Kutsehariduskeskus
Tallinna 46
Paide 72720

Entry requirements: Competed secondary education

Fees: TBC

Duration of the course: One year

Certificates/diplomas obtained: Officially accredited fur farming diploma


Name of the course: Optional fur farming course for students of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

School name: Estonian University of Life Science, Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

School contact details:

Kreutzwaldi 62
Tartu 51014

Tel/fax: +372 7313 706, E-mail: VL@EMU.EE, website: HTTP://VL.EMU.EE/EN/

Entry requirements: Competed secondary education

Fees: TBC


Name of the course: Fur farming workshops and short training

School name: Estonian Fur Breeders Association

School contact details:

Kreutzwaldi 1,
Tartu 51014

Tel: +372 56 120 717; Website: HTTP://WWW.EFBA.EE


School name: Estonian Chinchilla Association

School contact details:

Eesti Chinchilla Liit
Pressi küla

Haanja vald, Võrumaa 65101


Tel: + 371 6715944; Email: TOIVO@ECOLINE.EE; Website: HTTP://WWW.CHINCHILLA.EE

For apprenticeships information and opportunities please contact:

Lindante Ltd Fur Company

Tallinna Kaubamaja naistemaailm
Gonsiori 2
10143 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel/fax: +372 661 97 00; Email:; Website: HTTP://WWW.LINDANTE.EE/



Association Name: Saga Furs Oyj

Association contact details:

Martinkylantie 48
01720 Vantaa,

Tel: +358 9849 81; email: ANNI.LENSU@SAGAFURS.COM; Website: WWW.SAGAFURS.COM

Saga Furs auction house offers a number of training programmes for fur farmers and designers.

For more information about fur farming training programmes contact Saga Furs and Saga Furs Design Centre directly at INFO@SAGAFURS.COM.

Name of the courseINTERNATIONAL GRADING COURSE.  Gives in-depth knowledge of all phases required in the grading of Saga Furs® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon.


School name: Centria University of Applied Sciences, Center for Fur Design

School contact details:
Runeberginkatu 8, 68600 Pietarsaari, Finland
Tel. +358 50 3368746 Email: PIA.BLOMSTROM@CENTRIA.FI

Name of the course: Business Management

Entry requirements: General eligibility to the programmes is given by a foreign degree or qualification which gives eligibility for higher education in the awarding country. An applicant who is applying with a non-Finnish qualification and is not a citizen of an *EU/EEA-country must also provide proof of their English language skills.

All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility and language skills will be invited to the entrance examinations.

Fees: None.

Duration: From three to three and half years depending on previous studies and skills.

To apply please fill in the application form which can be downloaded from Centria UAS website:  HTTP://HAKEMINEN.CENTRIA.FI/HAEAMMATTIKORKEAKOULUUN.ASPX?ID=1086&P1=155&P2=1080&MENU=0&L=3.



Association name: Kopenhagen Fur

Association contact details:

Langagervej 60
DK-2600 Glostrup


Sorting course: 3-7 February 2014

Sorting & Auction Procedures Course: 24 March to 9 April 2014

Sorting & Auction Procedures Course: 27 May to 19 June 2014

Kopenhagen Fur auction house offers a number of training programmes Please contact KF directly for further information. 


Association name: Academy of Hungarian Fur Trade Association

Association contact details:

Tel: +36 1 883 0480; Fax: +36 1 883 0301; Email:; Website: WWW.HFTA.HU

The Academy of Hungarian Fur Trade Association are offering a 120 hour Fur Designer Training Course.

The students, after passing the theoretical and practical exams, will get a diploma which qualifies them to participate in Kreacio 2013 design competition, without paying the application fee and can show their knowledge on REMIX in Milan.

We are waiting for the participation of interested persons, stylists, artists, leather goods makers, textile designers, etc.!

For more information, please contact us.


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