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There was nothing but praise for the Danish fur farmers as senior-researcher Henning Otte Hansen, from the Institute of Food and Resource Economics at University of Copenhagen, presented a new study at the IFASA congress. The study focuses on the Danish fur industry’s development and competitiveness in a global perspective. But new challenges await, if the success is to be maintained.


According to the keynote speaker at IFASA Henning Otte Hansen, Kopenhagen Fur’s strategy has been a great success.

One of the senior researchers most prominent findings was the fur industry’s ability to distinguish themselves positively from other forms of agriculture. According to Henning Otte Hansen, the fur industry is a very atypical agricultural area. And there are several reasons for that.

  • Fur farming stands out by adding a significant value in the process. The Danish fur farmers have managed to create a notable difference in quality, compared to their competitors. And because fur is a research-based business, it is not possible to move production and achieve the same results elsewhere, says Henning Otte Hansen.

In addition to the results, gained through many years of hard work and research, the fur breeders have a unique organization compared to other agricultural industries. They have managed to bring together the producers and add value to the production, says Henning Otte Hansen.

  • In relation to exports, the fur industry is 20 years ahead, compared to the rest of the agricultural sector, he said.

A golden opportunity

The upward curves will eventually reach a peak, and if Kopenhagen Fur wants to maintain their first place in the fur industry, it is necessary to turn the attention towards the BRIC countries – especially Russia. In recent years, Russia’s own fur production has almost disappeared, while imports of fur clothes have increased significantly.

  • It is important not to miss this kind of opportunity, if one wants to maintain ones market position. But as with China, there are cultural and technical barriers you have to break through first, says Henning Otte Hansen.

According to Henning Otte Hansen, fur farming will play a greater role in the agricultural future of Denmark, if Kopenhagen Fur to maintain its market position.




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