Saga Furs steps into character at LeCuir

21 March of 2014 by

Synergy and partnerships were generated through Saga Furs activities at the LeCuir a Paris fair. Along with promoting luxury fur as a material, company representatives were successful in matchmaking partners in the fur and fashion trades.

The Saga Furs stand at LeCuir was exceptionally busy thanks to a high profiling of the company in various places, as well as the popularity of fur. Along with mention and endorsement of the Saga Furs stand, the corporate logo featured on VIP cards and Saga Furs activities were named in all trend and colour stories on the fair’s trend forum.

“My colleagues and I have developed a very close cooperation with the fair, as we have worked together for several years to the point where Saga Furs is an innovative partner of the organizers,” says head of design and innovation Dorte Lenau Klint. “In fact, I recommended two designers we work with for the ‘young and skilled’ section, ‘Bespoken.’ It’s a great way to give the new generation a chance to display their talent, and provided an extra venue to see Saga Furs products in action.”




Fur, Remixed



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