Saga Furs September Auction Continued with Certified Fox and Finnraccoon

19 September of 2015 by

Saga Furs September Auction continued today with the selling of various foxes and Finnraccon. Finnraccoon was 95 % sold at 10 % easier prices compared with our June auction. Main buying by European fashion industry. The uncertainty in the Russian market affected the Silver and mutation fox sale. One third of the Silver fox collection was sold at 10 % easier prices. Mutation foxes sold under selective bidding at firm to slightly easier prices.

The auction will continue tomorrow with Blue fox, Shadow fox and Blue Frost fox.

Sep 19, 2015

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Saga Furs September auction


The Saga Furs September auction continued with the selling of female mink

Blue Fox


An Uncertain Market Situation Affected also the Blue Fox Sale

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