SAGA : Furs seminar helps Spanish fur farmers prepare for future

09 February of 2014 by

Spain is well on the way to consolidating itself as one of the major fur farming areas in Europe. Newly established farmers from abroad and their Spanish counterparts in Galicia aim at quality while boosting quantities. Saga Furs has been a fundamental actor in the process.

Saga Furs hosted in late October its annual farmers congress in Santiago de Compostela, in the Galicia region of north-west Spain, the centre of Spanish fur breeding.

The Saga team — Sepp Kors, Michiel Zoontjens and Julio Suárez —  provided valuable input on the market situation, with special focus on China.

This year’s seminar included a top-quality skin grading session, conducted by master live grader Christoph Schrieber.

The team also gave a detailed explanation of the joint-auctions, American Legend-Saga Furs-Fur Harvesters partnership that will be hosted by Saga Furs.

Record number attend two-session gathering

“The Saga Furs farmers meeting in Galicia is always a much anticipated event, but the number of farmers attending is the best indicator of the predominant position Saga Furs has in Spain,” says Julio Suárez.

The excellent mood and friendly atmosphere during the dinner can be illustrated by the words of Sepp Kors in his toast: “This year, as always, we feel more than welcomed in Galicia among true friends and loyal partners.”

A number of breeders from the Netherlands were at the gathering. They represented major companies that have either begun farming in Spain, or are in the process of developing projects with the assistance of Saga Furs.

Saga Furs — preferred auction house for Spanish farms

Saga Furs has worked together with key investors to expand the Spanish fur breeding industry, and has contributed to the development of infrastructures that are making the country one of the major European producers of quality mink.

Spanish farms have chosen to sell their mink through the Saga Furs auction house, not only because the company is the best service partner, but also has proven to be the most profitable venue for selling skins.

Top Lot certificate confirms advances in Spanish farming

The seminar ended with the awarding of a Top Lot certificate to Spanish farmer Antonio Vigo.

Top lots are collections of ultimate quality skins. Vigo’s award marks the first time a Spanish farmer has received such recognition and demonstrates how Spain has become a major source of top quality furs.

Suárez, Kors and Zoontjens all stressed the fact that the future looks bright for Spanish mink farmers and promised that Saga Furs is ready to help them to make the best out of it.






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