Saga Furs Sales Results (EUR,USD)

22 September of 2015 by


SAGA FURS Sales results EUR, September 2015

TypeOfferingSold %AvgTopOpen
Finnraccoon18.7329092,90160,00 pdf
Silver Fox58.8912479,94120,00 pdf
Blue Fox295.1438087,07650,00 pdf
Blue Shadow Fox11.04694104,29155,00 pdf
Blue Frost Fox48.2571496,40138,00 pdf



SAGA FURS Sales results USD, September 2015

TypeOfferingSold %AvgTopOpen
Finnraccoon18.73290104,88180,64 pdf
Silver Fox58.8912490,25135,48 pdf
Blue Fox295.1438098,30733,85 pdf
Blue Shadow Fox11.04694117,74175,00 pdf
Blue Frost Fox48.25714108,84155,80 pdf
Saga Furs September auction


Saga Furs September auction concluded with Blue fox breeders and lowgrades

Kopenhagen Fur sales programme


No price deviation in the SMS service at the Kopenhagen Fur September auction

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