Saga Furs innovation attracts major attention at HK Fur Fair

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Visitors to the Hong Kong Fur & Fashion Fair were very eager to find new ideas and seize business opportunities in a competitive market situation. Saga Furs’ stand was the ideal place for finding inspiration. A semi-enclosed showroom displaying the latest Saga Furs technique samples had a constant stream of visitors.

Innovation and sustainability play a key role

Representatives from Saga Furs were busy every minute of the fair as a constant flow of designers, partners and clothing companies visited the stand to find inspiration for creativity and business concepts.

“CSR and sustainability were mentioned many times at the fair and there were some great discussions on the topics. Companies want the extra value of sustainability. With the Farm Certification System, traceability assurances and corporate philosophy on transparency, we are willing and able to provide this value,” says Samantha Vesala, business director, Asia. “No doubt, Saga Furs is one of the most outstanding companies in responsible fur.”

New ideas inspire companies and help create the unique

Saga Furs innovative samples always draw many questions and in-depth discussions from visitors looking for business ideas.

“Colour, stripes, intarsia, material combinations, you could tell the companies in Hong Kong Fair were exploring the samples to find a new look; they want something unique,” says head of product development Per Reinkilde.

Saga Furs introduced a new stand layout with a semi-enclosed showroom for technique samples and magical garment trimming samples.

One very popular innovative sample was a new concept that allows instant fur detailing or trim by magnetic placement onto a garment. The idea is not only inspirational, it’s also an easy and practical means of adding value.

Opportunity and challenge coexist, with help on the way

“Russia still accounts for a big part of total exports. With fewer Russian and related countries buying, it hurts the business of the local manufacturers,” notes Nora Tse, head of marketing, Asia. “For companies plying diverse markets, business flared better than expected, but those who cater mainly to Russia, orders received were worse than expected.”

The good news is the Hong Kong government just published a funding policy with HKD 500 million to support the local fashion industry. The capital injection will be spent on fashion events, incubation programmes and overseas training.

The exciting news was a hot topic among exhibitors and visitors. The consensus is that the HK fur trade needs more design resources and innovation so the programme was launched just at right time.

The HK International Fur & Fashion Fair was held from 25 – 28 February at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre.


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