Saga Furs Grading Course reflects integrity of the grading system

05 April of 2014 by

Seven participants from as many countries on three continents recently completed the Saga Furs Grading Course. A week of intensive training at the sessions provides valuable skills that will be applied to respective businesses.

“Our intensive grading course is a hands-on–eyes-on—minds-on exercise. Along with significant background information about every phase of the Saga Furs value chain, the course gives attendees in-depth understanding of what characteristics determine the value of a skin,” says sales manager Kari Huotari, who is responsible for the annual courses.

The annual courses are a service to customers, often those who will be handing their businesses to the next generation, but people come from various segments of the industry to gather knowledge that translates into business.

Course begins with Saga Furs Oyj auction practices and principles

The first day also includes learning about responsible fur farming – with emphasis on the Saga Certification System – the Saga Furs® brand and its value to consumers, innovation and research at the Design Center, and a primer on the theory of skin grading.

The next five days involve intensive training in which attendees go through each step in the sorting and grading of Saga Furs® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon. Two-and-one-half days are devoted to providing skills in grading mink and just as much time goes to learning the intricacies of fox/Finnraccoon grading.

“A core value is how it helps enable attendees to inspect show lots,” says Huotari. “And of course, the sessions reflect the integrity and trustworthiness of the Saga Grading System – What you see is what you get. Our show lots are truly representative of sales lots.”



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