Saga Furs draws attention at Kastoria fur fair

17 May of 2014 by

The Saga Furs booth, Saga samples on display and those that inspired designs at a runway show, and director of farm services Magnus Ljung all drew a lot of attention at the 2-5 May 39th annual International Fur Fair of Kastoria in Greece.

The Saga Furs booth was a magnet for furriers and designers with its eye-catching aquamarine-themed corporate colours and a variety of inspiring technique samples. Along with personal advisory services, visitors were able to take away written materials in Russian or English.

International and domestic visitors to the fair were split roughly 50-50, with Russia accounting for around half of the foreign guests. Other visitors came mainly from Europe, Turkey and China.

Saga Furs was a co-sponsor of the fair

Greece’s flagship fur fair, the Kastoria event has moved to a new venue which gave the gathering an overall upgraded image. Business reports reflected the prevailing industry levels from the respective markets.

Saga’s director of farm services Magnus Ljung attended the fair and was interviewed by three TV channels and a number of radio stations as well as print media and blogs.

Ljung gave a general overview of the fur industry and Saga Furs’ global operations. He put focus on the long-term strategic alliance among American Legend, Fur Harvesters and Saga Furs for holding joint auctions that give the market one-stop shopping. Ljung also pointed out how the company’s Design Center has greatly influenced fashion by developing and sharing new techniques in the fur craft.

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