Saga Furs December auction started under a positive note

22 December of 2015 by


Saga Furs December auction, the opening auction of the season, continued today with Finnraccoon. The offering was 95 % sold, better goods slightly easier, commercials -10/15% compared with our September auction. Silver fox sold 100 % to an active room under widespread competition at slightly easier prices. Blue Frost fox was 80 % sold also at slightly easier prices. The clearance sale of various foxes created a lot of interest and the skins sold under strong competition. Various mutation foxes sold under selective bidding with the best goods fetching good prices.

Main buying today by European fashion industry and Korea with good support from Russia.

The Top Lot of Finnraccoon was bought by Hang Sung F.S. Co. LTD for 820 euros. The Top Lot buyer received a special Top Lot Award, a fur bunny handcrafted of finest certified Saga® Blue fox by the skilled furriers at the Saga Furs Design Centre.

The auction will conclude tomorrow with the selling of Saga® Blue Shadow fox and Blue fox.


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NAFA Furs Sponsors Gala Show in Support of Conservation

Saga Furs December Auction


An Uncertain Market Situation Affected the Blue Fox and Blue Shadow Fox Sale

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