Royal visit at Tsinghua University

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During the Danish State Visit in China, HRH the Prince Consort of Denmark visited the fur faculty Tsinghua Kopenhagen Studio where he met the students and received a special furry gift.


In January 2007 Kopenhagen Fur entered a partnership with the leading Chinese university, Tsinghua University. Together they created a fur specialized design centre in Beijing called Tsinghua Kopenhagen Studio.

Like Kopenhagen Studio in Copenhagen, Tsinghua Kopenhagen Studio in Beijing focuses on innovation and creativity but with a primary focus on the next generation of designers. Tsinghua Kopenhagen Studio uses award-winning, innovative Chinese teaching methods to enhance the creativity among students.

–       We, at Kopenhagen Fur, strive to preserve and develop the traditional furriery, and I find it amazing how we in Denmark have such impressive knowledge and know-how that we are able to export it to a culture as different and yet intriguing as the Chinese. It is a great honour to present this to the Royal Family, says Mr Torben Nielsen, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur.

20 years in the China and more to come

Kopenhagen Fur has had a partnership with the Chinese university for seven years, but the company has been in China for a total of 20 years.

Five times a year customers from all over the world come to Copenhagen to buy the finest in fur. Many of these customers are Chinese or representing Chinese companies and China is considered Kopenhagen Furs’ most important market.  Especially the Danish mink skins are considered to be of high quality, and as a symbol of this success, HRH the Prince Consort received a bowtie made of Danish mink and designed by Kopenhagen Studio in Copenhagen.

– If you put Danish experience in a Chinese context, it will have a positive impact on both growth and development. Kopenhagen Fur’s collaboration with Tsinghua University is definitely an example of that, said Martin Lidegaard, DanishMinister of Foreign Affairs at a press conference during the State Visit.

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