Rediscovering the art of gilding

03 April of 2014 by

Lucie Monnin is a young artist and designer who has chosen to interpret an old technique: gilding

After getting her diploma as an engraving artist at the “Centro per il Restauro d’Arte dei Libri”, Lucie should have chosen the career of restoring old art books but the innate passion for design led her to try out gilding techniques on all sorts of things from fabrics to furs.
Starting with simple designs on silk and cotton, Lucie then tried real decorations in gold, in her chosen materials, preferably very soft kid leather. Her career really took off in 2008 when Balenciaga asked her to personalize a leather jacket for the men’s show. Lucie works to commission, giving a personal touch to garments and accessories; she recently also created a tiny collection of gloves for a selected clientele.
Now she has begun to try out her technique also on various materials for interior design: from crepe paper to Corian.


fur farms


Fur – Trappers, farmers, artisans



Intern at Design Center developing new idea in fur

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