Nordic heat warms winter with – Creativity!

14 February of 2014 by

Blustery snow and loads of fur on the runways and the streets made the perfect winter backdrop for Copenhagen Fashion Week. A new generation of designer is emerging and many showed some enticing furs with the support of Saga Furs.

The up-and-comings have changed the face of CFW with their unique approaches to fashion that was presented as a mix of wearable-punk styles, sophisticated street fashion, Nordic detailing with a global perspective and an much androgynous appeal that can be interpreted as markedly masculine or feminine.

“The driving force is: They dare! And for those who showed furs, Saga Furs dared invest in the promising futures their talent can bring,” says head of innovation & design Dorte Lenau Klint. “Fresh new talent has apparently taken over to breath new life into CFW. Designers we have spotted and supported played some staring roles in this transition.”

Maikel Tawadros revealed simplistic—without being minimal—sophistication in Saga Furs® Silver Fox. Understatement in beautifully crafted fur trims added to the aesthetic of a very saleable collection, and the designer gave a nod to Saga Furs on the show invitation in a show of appreciation for support.

“International, cool, different,” is how Klint describes Wali Mohammed Barrech’s collection based on an Extreme Winter theme. Following a seminar at Saga Furs Design Center, his team went DIY and created full fur unisex pieces and others with trim in Saga Furs® Shadow and Arctic Marble Fox.

The winner of the Designer’s Nest award for the most noteworthy collection by a student from one of the Nordic design schools was Giorgi Rostiashvili. “We spotted him two years ago and invited him to an international design school showing in Madrid, and have since guided him in his fur efforts,” says Klint. “The Musketeer mink gloves and mittens he used to complement looks were a fabulous demonstration of the intarsia craft, and his meticulous attention to detail expressed in a new vocabulary.”


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