New warehouse project initiated in Glostrup

04 July of 2014 by

The construction of a new 6.000 square meter warehouse in Glostrup, Copenhagen, has just begun. Kopenhagen Fur needs to expand their existing storage facilities due to the ever growing quantity of quality skins coming to the world’s greatest fur auction house.

The Kopenhagen Fur warehouse capacity for skins ready for shipping currently has a maximum limit of 5.5 m. skins. This limit was reached in 2010, and as a result of this Kopenhagen Fur established their Hong Kong storage facility and rented different storage facilities in Denmark.  This was necessary to meet the ever growing demand.

– Our current logistics solution creates some difficulties. It is difficult to move the goods around, it is expensive, and it creates a lot of obstacles in our sorting and handling departments. However, with our new warehouse we can collect everything here in Glostrup. We estimate that we will be able to handle 32-33 m. skins per year without us approaching our maximum capacity, says Torben Nielsen, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur.

A prospect for expansion

This season’s five auctions will result in a massive 25 m. skins being sold in Glostrup but next year we expect to see an increase of close to 2 m. skins. This is why Kopenhagen Fur has opted for the possibility of expanding the new warehouse with two extra floors, which can be used for sorting purposes.

– If we stick to our strategy we will probably have to add two extra floors within the next year. We expect that we will gain extra market shares just as we have done this year, when we gained a four percent market share. We are currently experiencing a growing interest from foreign farmers, who want to change from our competitors and sell here in Glostrup, says Torben Nielsen.

Torben Nielsen confirms that Kopenhagen Fur will be ready to receive skins from new suppliers. The new warehouse will have a basement and ground floor, both being 3,000 square metres, thus adding 6.000 square meters to the already existing 70.000 square meters. The new warehouse is scheduled to be ready for use by Christmas 2014.




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