New Chairman Elected for IFDDA

14 May of 2014 by

The members of the International Fur Dressers & Dyers Association Ltd., IFDD, elected a new Chairman at their Annual General Meeting generously hosted by Kopenhagen Fur during the Kopenhagen Fur April auction.

The new Chairman is Roberto Scarpella from the Italian dressing and dyeing company M.I.B.  Roberto Scarpella received all the members’ votes and enjoys thus their full confidence.  He certainly is the right man in the right position with a comprehensive agenda.

Roberto Scarpella follows Katarzyna Chlebny from SPV Spolka z.o.o. who will enter into IFDDA’s history as  IFDDA’s first Chairperson and first woman in such a responsible position.  She held this office for two years in accordance with the Association’s Statutes.  She will continue to support the Association as a Director on the Board.

“It has been a great two years organizing the establishment of a new association that takes care of the interests and responsibilities dressers and dyers want to fulfill in a modern society”, says Katarzyna Chlebny.  “Dressers and dyers hold a pivotal position in the fur trade.  They are aware of the role they have as accountable entrepreneurs with respect to environmental issues.”

-As outgoing IFDDA Chairperson I wish to thank my Board colleagues for their excellent co-operation, in particular the two Vice-Chairmen Victor Leenders and Roberto Scarpella and the General Secretary Barbara Sixt.

The equally newly elected Board of Directors for the years 2014 to 2016 consists of the two Vice-Chairmen Victor Leenders from Marco-Ling Fur Ltd., and Nikos Paspalis from Naoum T. Ditsios, and the following other Directors who are –  besides Katarzyna Chlebny – Kai Haacke from MPV, Roberto Tadini  from M.I.B., Bruno Porte from Cipel Baltika, Henry Sun from Schmidt-Poly Furs Ltd., Eric Lau from Marco Cipel China, and William Lam from Claveyson Fur Processing Ltd.  William Lam was appointed as the Association’s Treasurer.  He shares this responsibility together with Victor Leenders.




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