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At the invitation of Shangyu International Fur Market, Lumin Yao, Managing Director of Studio NAFA, joined a popular talk show of Zhejiang TV Station on January 17, 2014 to introduce fur and fur fashion.

Shangyu International Fur Market was opened on September 28, 2013. This newly renovated market occupies a total space of 210,000 square meters for Phase 1 and preparation for a second phase is in full swing. Due to its convenient location, reasonable prices and fashion styles of the garments, this market has attracted very busy traffic since its opening.

The talk show went on location and was recorded live at the 300-square meter atrium instead of the regular TV studio. Because of the popularity of this TV program, the entire atrium was surrounded by consumers who were shopping in the market on that day. Hosts from two other TV programs also joined Lumin for this special filming.

As the main topic of the program, Lumin explained the three key features that consumers should always remember when they buy better quality mink garments. She showed the audience samples of North American short nap mink so they would have a better understanding of fur and how to judge fine quality mink. Lumin also introduced the NAFA Northern collection of wild furs and delighted onlookers with the variety of furs available. Comments were also given on the garments that the two host guests had selected from retail shops in the market to explain current fashion trends.

In closing the program, the host gave a quiz to the audience to emphasize what they had learned during the show. The interactive talk show style between the hosts and the audience created a very happy, upbeat atmosphere from the beginning to the end.

The program will be broadcast on the evening of January 31, the first night of Chinese lunar New Year.

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