NAFA Participates in the IFF Design Competition!

21 February of 2014 by

Pimp My Coat is a competition that ties into the Remix International Design Contest formulated by the International Fur Federation (IFF), It welcomes the fur auction houses to participate by sponsoring a fashion designer to redesign an outdated fur garment from an old collection and rejuvenate it back to life to compliment today’s fashion.

The participating designers will have the incredible opportunity of exhibiting their fresh, new, stylish garment during the MIFUR fair in Milan, where the finalists will be selected on March 5, 2014. The acclaimed international recognition and the media exposure that these fashion designers will gain is astounding. This year’s event is bigger and better giving the young design contestants that much more recognition since the IFF has co-partnered with Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Italy.

With a short lead-time and only a forty-eight hour work time allowance to complete the garment for the upcoming fair, NAFA quickly went to work searching for a suitable, creatively innovative apprentice designer for the challenging task at hand. After interviewing several young designers, NAFA chose Canadian based Korean designer Rachel Jayun, who currently apprentices under the direction of top designer Lucian Matis.

Although Rachel worked with fur pelts in the past, she had never been granted the opportunity to work on a fur design project taking it from design concept to finished product. Since NAFA proudly helps young designers to develop and grow their creativity by often sponsoring design competitions worldwide, it was evident that Rachel was the right candidate and this would provide her with an opportunity of a lifetime.

The original garment provided was a long, black and white NAFA mink coat with NAFA fox trim that ran along the entire front closure of the garment. After assessing the original coat’s design, color, and fur matter, Rachel began the revamping process by blueprinting her creative drawings on paper.

The new design maintains the original black and white zebra patterned color but leather accent enhancements were added that run along the front top and back of the coat. She minimized the usage of the fox trim, limiting it to the high collar and portions of the sleeves. In two short days, the coat was transformed from long, oversized and dated, to short, fitted and flirty.

NAFA is proud to present the new and improved garment at the Milan event and applauds Rachel for a job well done. We wish her luck and great success with the competition!

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