NAFA May-June 2016 Auction : Extended Highly Competitive Selling Terms

25 May of 2016 by

As part of NAFA’s ongoing efforts to support its loyal customers and respond to current challenges in today’s global fur markets, we are pleased to announce the following attractive and highly competitive selling terms for our May-June 2016 auction.

With 35% deposit paid by Prompt Day (June 27, 2016), all purchased goods will be free of interest and storage charges until Monday, August 22, 2016 when the balance of all accounts shall become fully due and payable. In addition, all invoiced goods fully paid by Prompt Day will be eligible to receive a 1% rebate on hammer price. NAFA will also agree to store and insure at market value all fully paid, but uncleared, goods under each of these programs until July 1, 2017 at no additional charge.

With a Prompt Day deposit of less than 35%, NAFA’s standard selling terms and conditions, as posted on our website and available at Buyer Services, shall otherwise apply to all purchases.

No resale fee will be charged on fully deposited or paid goods.

NAFA believes that these selling terms for its upcoming May-June 2016 auction represent a competitive leap forward for the buyers looking to purchase some of the world’s finest mink, including NAFA’s renowned collections of Breeders, Section III and Lowgrades, in addition to select fox and a diverse selection of wild fur. Under this program, buyers can also then clear their purchases at their most opportune time.

We look forward to hosting you in Toronto for the May-June 2016 auction.

  • On Show – May 26
  • Auction – May 30 – June 5

May-June 2016-SellingTerms-PDF

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NAFA May-June 2016 Auction


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