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Our sector has doubled in last 10 years, proud Dan Mullen tells me from his farm at Waterville, where he raises 3,500 females and is president of Nova Scotia Mink Breeders Association.Fur is fashionable and no longer taboo.The world’s top designers are using fur in their collections, and fur garments are a sought after status symbol for wealthy customers in China, Russia, and South Korea.

More than the market has changed,however.Mink farmers have also injected big doses of science into their farm managment, they’ve adopted strict animal welfare codes , and they’ve restructured how they do business, so farmers can focus on what they do best  farming.

Nova Scotia has 152 licensed mink farmers on 125 sites, which may not sound huge until you compare it to the dire predictions of past decades. At curent growth rates, mink is already vying with dairy as the province’s No. 1 farm sector, and the future looks good.

Even at current rates, the provinces’s farmers are producing 1.4 million pelts a year, generating $140 million in farm gate receipts.

There’s another big reason for the sector’s growth.Mink from N.S farms ranks among the world’s best for quality. Mullen says the region’s climate and fish-basid diet produce a desirable pelt tha’s dark and has a short nap, and that looks and feels like silk.

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Joint fur auctions begin in Helsinki on 11 March

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