Masculine luxury, above all in the East

03 April of 2014 by

Never before have we seen so many men wrapped in furs as on the international runways at the beginning of this year. From Milan to Paris we saw a myriad scarves, sweaters and trims in fur but also jackets and full length coats often in colours and wild effects. Practically all the leading designers presented men decked out in furs, some rough and ready, more often urban and sexy. There was a real triumph for creative models that mixed precious furs with traditional materials like wool and leather for the most captivating results. To extend male offers in fact seems to be a winning strategy among big names in fashion as it fits the image of a new global luxury goods consumer, more and more often male.

According to a recent survey by Altagamma and Boston Consulting Group, which we feature in the magazine, in the near future it will in fact be male consumers who will swell sales in the high range segments, above all on emerging markets where women still have little personal spending power. Seeing that the luxury market is destined to keep growing in the coming years (with over 60 million new consumers, 15 million of whom in China alone), its dynamics appear very different to the past. Habits and expectations are no longer predictable according to traditional social and geographic factors. So a better knowledge of consumers becomes vital for producers of luxury goods, in order to find the best strategies as regards products and distribution.

The question also concerns the Italian market and, in fact, a research commissioned by the AIP confirms the importance of innovation and fashion content to increase the growing appeal for young people of furs that must be always more attractive and versatile. Meanwhile the fur trade prepares for the new big events of the sector, starting with Mifur, in Milan at the beginning of March, that provide the opportunity to sound out new trends also according to sales in the winter season now ending.



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Great optimism for the fur industry is the message sent by FEA 2014

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