Lumi Royal top lots: best of the brand goes to three different markets

25 March of 2014 by

Saga®Lumi Royal top lots of fox and mink once again fetched lavish prices deserving of the best of the best. The lots will go to special projects in three important markets.

Mr. Bourtsos bought the Saga Lumi Royal Top Lot of black female mink for his company Bourtsos Bros S.A. of Greece for 460 euros.

“It’s a great feeling when you buy a top lot and I would like to extend special thanks to Yositake Ninomiya for his job,” the buyer says. “As we start mink production in our new factory in Greece, we have chosen Saga Furs and the black Lumi top lot to be in our collection. We have been buyers of Saga Furs since 1991 and we choose only the best quality skins. A Lumi collection will manufactured in Greece and will be available in our Bourtsos line.”

Other top lot buyers have special plans for their purchases. The top lot of Saga Lumi Royal Arctic Marble Frost Fox was acquired by by Tommaso Guida for Guida Italy at a price of 240 euros and Steven Holden bought the Saga Lumi Royal Silver Fox top lot for Furnatur of Moscow for 350 euros.

“Saga Lumi Royal remains the best of the best in terms of quality and beauty,” says marketing director/CMO Jan Erik Carlson. “The ways in which customers demonstrate their appreciation illustrate the advances we have made in a relatively short period of time. The success of our top lots reflects all of the efforts that have gone into our quality breeding program.”

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