Korea Dominates Black NAFA Female Mink

02 February of 2016 by

Day one of NAFA’s first mink offering of 2016 saw some confidence in better quality, short-nap goods.

Black NAFA females sold 77% for an average of $31.45, and were actively bid on by Korean buyers throughout.

Gold quality Mahogany females sold 65% at an average of $26.61. Gold quality Pastel females sold 79% at $33.76 while the Gold Pastel males sold 50% at an average of $44.57.

Throughout the day, Korea dominated the better quality female mink with support from China while Silver quality and VSL met resistance and sold at lower percentages. A small collection of Palominos was mainly withdrawn.

The top lot of Black NAFA — Female was purchased by MOGENS ALEX PETERSEN for Jia’en Fur Garment Factory – AIFEIMI, of Tong’erpu, China for $980. Produced by Patrick Fur Farm.

The top lot of Mahogany Mink — Female was purchased by Long Radiance Limited for Mai Lan Wei, of Tong’erpu, China for $150. Produced by David Dittrich Fur Farm.

The top lot of Pastel Mink — Male was purchased by A ER XIAN NU, of Tong’erpu, China for $140. Produced by Springbrook-Labonte.

PDF REPORT: NAFASalesReport-01-31-2016-PDF




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