Kopenhagen Fur wants to establish a real market price

09 February of 2016 by

The last two international fur auctions clearly show that there is great uncertainty in the fur trade and that a new market price has not been set yet.

As the leading player in the international fur market, Kopenhagen Fur has a special obligation to help establish a real and credible market price so that the current situation in the fur market returns to normal although it may result in a significant drop in skin prices.

The fur trade needs the real market prices and Kopenhagen Fur is prepared to meet the market.

Kopenhagen Fur offers 6.5 million mink skins at the upcoming auction and is pleased to offer our customers favourable terms

We take the opportunity to wish you Happy New Year of Monkey and look forward to seeing you.

View our preliminary Sales Programme here.

Read our information to all customers here.

Read about our favourable terms at the February auction here.

Read about our Deep freeze storage in Chinese and English here.

source : www.kopenhagenfur.com


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