Kopenhagen Fur Auction Reports – June 2016

23 June of 2016 by

First auction day with mink sale is successfully completed

The auction at Kopenhagen Fur is well under way. The sale of mink began Tuesday and has until now obtained a sales percentages of 100.

Approx. 600 customers, with 375 from China / Hong Kong, are visiting Kopenhagen Fur these days. The sale of mink began Tuesday and throughout the day, Sapphire and Sapphire Velvet skins were sold. These types were well received in the auction room and all skin types reached a sales percentage of 100. The preliminary sales prices are on the same level as the latest international auction held in Finland.

The same price trend continues today with the offering of Male and Female Silverblue and Silverblue Velvet. The sale of Silverblue and Silverblue Velvet Males is completed and both types sold 100 percent.

Thus, there are positive expectations for the June auction, which will continue until 29 June.


600 USD per skin for the Top Lot – worth the price for quality

Something unusual happened in Kopenhagen Fur’s auction yesterday. Mr Pan Zhi Jun from Golden Lady Furs purchased the Sapphire Velvet Female Top Lot for 600 USD per skin. It is worth noting, that each Top Lot consists of 50 skins.


The auction room was brimming with excitement as the bids climbed higher and higher to what was ultimately the third most expensive top lot in Kopenhagen Fur’s history.

  • There was a lot of excitement in the auction room, but I was not nervous, Mr Pan Zhi Jun says.

  • The price was driven up because there were two other gentlemen who were eager to win the bid, but thankfully, I won the Top Lot.

First Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur

The Top Lot was also Mr Pan Zhi Jun’s first Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur. He believes that the price was definitely worth it because the quality is unsurpassed.

  • Kopenhagen Fur has a strong name in China. They are known for their quality and I want to display that quality to my customers. By buying this first Top Lot it will also serve as a positive sign for the future connection between my company and Kopenhagen Fur, says Mr Pan Zhi Jun.

Major stores in Harbin

Golden Lady Furs is well known in China and has a strong presence in Harbin where the company is based. Golden Lady Furs has two large retail stores in Harbin, one measuring 5,000 square metres and the other 8,000 square metres. He has worked in the fur trade for 21 years alongside his father and they are both eager to display the skins in Harbin.

  • Our customers appreciate high quality skins and I believe they will be very excited about this beautiful Top Lot, he says.

Chinchilla Top Lot headed for the City of Lights

Lee Wheeler, a long-time buyer at Kopenhagen Fur, purchased the Chinchilla Top Lot on the first day of sale at the June Auction.


  • I purchased the Chinchilla Top Lot on behalf of Yves Salomon. Yves Salomon is a brand in its own name located in Paris, but the company has stores all over the world. Yves Salomon has had the opportunity of working with leading luxury brands, which is a testament to the quality and creative strength with Yves Salomon, says Lee Wheeler, who has worked with Yves Salomon since the mid 90’s.

Certain of impressive results

Yves Salomon is not a stranger to the Chinchilla Top Lot sold at Kopenhagen Fur, as the company has purchased these skins previously.

  • The Chinchilla Top Lot is of a very good quality. It is a well-made product of high quality and the dressing is also very good. The consistency in the skins is another quality stamp.

Mr Lee Wheeler does not yet know what Yves Salomon will use the skins for, but he is certain that the result will be impressive.

  • Fur of this quality will most likely find their way to the haute couture collection next season, he says.

The Chinchilla Top Lot was bought for DKK 610.



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