Kopenhagen Fur Auction Report – April 2016

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Kopenhagen sales continued with Brown, Glow, Palomino & Silverblue Males & Females with good results, Skins sold 100 percent with 10-20% price increase comparing to their earlier sales.


April 17, 18, 2016: Sales Results

kop1 kop2

For Mr Zheng Peng Cheng, the purchase of the Glow Velvet Male Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur’s April auction was quite a special event. It was his first Top Lot and not only that, the visit at the auction house in Denmark was also his first. However, Mr Cheng’s brother, Fei Zheng Peng, has visited the auction house on previous occasions.

  • Buying the Top Lot was a great honour, says Mr Cheng.

The Top Lot was purchased for the brand BeiJi Huang Hou Fur. Mr Zheng intends to use the Top Lot for a fur coat that will initially be displayed on TV and in stores before it will be sold to a special customer.

  • We bought the Top Lot because we appreciate quality; my family has worked in the fur trade for many generations. In fact, my grandfather made fur garments for the royal family in the past, says Mr Cheng.


The sales programme on this Saturday offered White mink skins. On this third day of the April auction, the day began at 8.30 with an offering of White Males. These skins obtained a sales percentage of 100 and an average price of 266 DKK. They obtained an 11 percent increase in price level.

White Velvet Males also sold 100 percent and an average price of 305 DKK , 7 % increase in price level comparing with last sales.

Following this, female mink skins were offered. White and White Velvet also sold 100 percent and each reached average price levels of 160 DKK and 190 DKK. White Females obtained a 10 percent increase in price and White Velvet Females obtained an 11 percent increase in price level.


April 16, 2016: Sales Results



Kopenhagen Fur April 2016 auction started with over 500 buyers from around the world. Of these, approx. 300 are from Hong Kong / China. 6,6 million mink skins will be offered in this auction.

First day of the April auction was made at 8.30 Thursday morning, when Mahogany Males were offered. These skins were received well by the customers, they obtained a sales percentage of 100 and an average price increase of 25 percent compared with comparable goods in February. Mahogany Velvet Males also obtained a 100 percent sales percentage and a 13 percent increase in price level.

The same image was repeated with the offering of Mahogany Females. These skins obtained a 16 percent increase in price level.

Mahogany Velvet Females also obtained a sales percentage of 100 and an average price increase of 11.


April 14 & 15, 2016: Sales Results

kop4 kop5

Top Lots


Black Swakara Top Lot sold to FENDI

The first Top Lot to be sold was Black Swakara. The winning bid was 620 DKK.

The buyer was FENDI, and the skins are to be used in their new collection. The buyer was very pleased with the quality of the skins.

A Russian buyer for the white Swakara Top Lot

The White Swakara Top Lot was sold at the winning bid of 960 DKK.

The buyer of the beautiful white skins was Vtoroy Mechovoy from Russia.


source : efurmedia.com


NAFA April 2016 Auction Reports – Day 5 & 6

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Fur Fashion Show of 41st International Fur Fair of Kastoria (VIDEO)

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