Jason Wu: Pushing the boundaries of craft and design

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Jason Wu calls it his “destiny” to be working in fashion. It’s something he has understood since he was nine years old and would press his face against a store window to study the aesthetic and construction of a garment.

“It’s what I do. It’s right. I’m obsessed with craft,” says the designer, and tells how even the construction of a shark skeleton in a museum can fascinate him. “I love to work in my atelier; that’s where all the magic happens.”

“When you have the most beautiful of materials, you embrace it and really let it’s star shine”


Wu speaks about fur quality and why he has always worked with Saga Furs, because of certification, traceability and quality you can depend on.

“You can do all the complicated things you want with a garment to hide the fact that the material’s not that good. At the end of the day, the garment is nothing without the material. The material is the heart and soul of the finished product.”

His imagination balances timeless ideas with the fervor of creating something new.  “I have a certain respect and admiration for things that have a history and substance.“

He believes that sustainability is something that should come with luxury. “Fur is not just a thing with a big price tag; it’s about responsibility and all the effort that goes into a material to make it different. With Saga you know exactly where the fur comes from.”

“Innovation has always been the heart of creation”


While at Saga Furs Design Center, Wu and his team worked on innovative ideas that challenge the boundaries of craftsmanship. “To have this support and expertise made available to you in a beautiful environment is a great experience,” he says. “It will enable me to take the material in new directions.”

Wu appreciates what he calls Saga’s “A-to-Z” way of educating designers who use their products. “In terms of pushing the boundaries of design, not every supplier uses this kind of resources or this level of experimentation. They’re so dedicated to helping define what fur is through our (designers’) perspective,” he says. “The contribution to the designer is tremendous, especially their dedication and foresight to work with young designers – they haven’t forgotten the smaller kids.”

“Glamour has a certain joie de vivre reality to it”

The Wu team selected a number of techniques along with concepts for mixing hair lengths to achieve looks for the modern “Jason” woman. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – we’re going to leave here with materials that will last six to eight months. That’s a lifetime in fashion.”

Wu says the days when a woman wore a fur coat in winter and then put it into storage are gone. “She needs clothes that are trans-seasonal, that can change with her mood, her lifestyle – the new classic is something that has more function.”

source : www.sagafurs.com

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