Intern at Design Center developing new idea in fur

16 May of 2014 by

Mimi Wade from Central St. Martins has come up with a novel idea that will be developed for presentation at upcoming Fur Vision events in the autumn.

Mimi has completed her second year at CSM, specializing in fashion prints and the decoration of garments, and will intern at the Design Center until the end of May.

“I thought I was an amazing furrier,” she says with a chuckle, “but, no, I’m not. I have experience in working with fur, but never realized what could be done. That may be a bit naïve, but it is great to become familiar with the material, it’s potential, and to be able to experiment, which is my main task here.”

Creative freedom

Interns at the Design Center are given total creative freedom. The first week of her internship, Mimi came up with a Birds of Paradise theme. Head of innovation and design Dorte Lenau Klint – responsible for the intern program – spotted what Mimi was doing and urged her to develop the idea. She has done so.

“Bringing dynamic young talent to the Design Center ensures a flow of new ideas and the benefits to young designers are obvious,” says Klint.

The initial results have been very promising as the concept lends itself to a variety of uses – and not just in fashion. “I’m excited about this,” says Mimi, as she shows an early prototype.

Now the plan is to make some samples to show at Fur Vision events in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

“I’m learning a lot by watching, working with various machines, asking questions and struggling with samples,” she says. “but it is so great to have guidance.”



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