Childhood memories spur inspiration for knockout mink coat

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Multi-coloured strips of mink mingle to create what called a potential “street-style must.” Creator Colin LoCascio tells how he saw childhood references to his mother’s Saga Furs Mink coat when he was constructing the piece for his senior collection at Rhode Island School of Design.

“When (a customer) puts on my fuchsia, lavender, and turquoise mink coat, it reminds her of her mother’s mahogany mink coat that she used to hold onto as a child when going for a walk with her mother in the winters,” LoCascio says.

The young designer gathered inspiration and honed his fur craft skills with technical support from Saga Furs while he worked on his thesis collection.

“It’s working with the history of Saga Furs as a child and trying to re-generate it for another customer,” he says.

Innovation and sustainability inspire design students

RISD is a new member of the constellation of design schools Saga Furs has committed to helping. The program provides students who yearn to work with fur the best expertise and other benefits.

“I’m very excited about working with RISD, the talented faculty and students at a school that has a unique history and approach to design,” says Charlie Ross, Saga Furs’ head of international marketing and sustainability. “Colin’s tale about his mother’s garment reflects our philosophy of sustainability, as fur is everlasting, while his deft use of mink strips demonstrates how all of a pelt can be transformed into beauty. This is especially important for young designers on a limited budget.”

The mind’s eye sees a beautiful translation of recollections

LoCascio explain how he dissected vivid memories of his grandmother’s and mother’s clothes as well as other pieces of apparel that engage in a dialogue with the history of womenswear.

“It’s this connection and fabric’s ability to store memories and create new ones that was the essence of my collection,” he says.

His recollections of a beautiful fur coat have certainly helped him as he embarks on a career in fashion.


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