Higher Prices for Coyotes Continue

05 April of 2016 by

The international fashion and trim trade again demonstrated strong demand for Coyote, competing aggressively for better sections of Western Coyote. Western Heavy sold 99% at advancing prices, while Western Semi Heavy sold 75%, also at increasing prices.

Overall, Raccoons sold better than expected, with 250,000 going primarily to China and Europe. This is the first time Raccoon has sold in any volume in two years. Better sections and better qualities achieved higher-than-expected prices, while commercial and small sizes continue to sell at discounted prices.

Shearing type Beaver sold well at higher prices, while long hair continues to meet with resistance. Musquash sold 50%, primarily to China.

The results of today’s wild fur auction show a general improvement in the atmosphere of the market.

Ranch Silver Fox sold 65% at levels very firm to recent international auctions.

The Top Lot of Beaver was purchased by A. Borello for Gianfranco Ferré Furs of Milan, Italy for $63.
The Top Lot of Coyote was purchased by Rebellato Graziano of Italy for $340.
The Top Lot of Ranch Silver Fox was purchased by Randy Richards for Glacier Wear of Maine, United States for $100


source : www.nafa.ca

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