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The International Leather & Fur Fashion Trade Fair in Moscow, Russia called LeShow was held for the 17th time. But it was the first time Kopenhagen Fur was represented. And the company was greeted with great interest by the international fur business.

In May, three employees from the customer department at Kopenhagen Fur participated in the huge fair in Moscow. It was a part of the strategy to increase the focus on the fur market in Russia and Turkey. At the fair, they had the opportunity to meet many Turkish and Russian manufacturers, and they responded to Kopenhagen Fur’s presence with great interest.

-The word about our presence spread at the hotel we were staying at where a lot of Turkish manufacturers were staying as well. At the fair, both Russian and Turkish manufacturers were really interested in Kopenhagen Fur and auction trading. A Russian manufacturer even started the visa issuance process right away in order to be able to attend the auction in June, says Anna Kalituha, market developer, Kopenhagen Fur.

Already, several Russian customers have returned to the auction room in Glostrup after prices dropping and new Turkish customers have joined as well. Kopenhagen Fur does have an advantage when communicating with the Turkish customers.

-They were positively surprised that we were able to communicate with them in their own language. We are the only fur auction house, which has an employee who speaks fluently Turkish. They were also happy that we brought brochures for them in Turkish, says Anna Kalituha.

Facts about LeShow

LeShow has grown almost double the size just since 2010. Last year, around 10,000 people from the fur business visited the fair, which had 175 exhibitors from nine different countries. This year, it had around 200 exhibitors and primarily from Turkey. 21 different nations were represented among the visitors who came from countries like Greece, Kazakhstan, Poland and China.



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