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    • When you are done wearing your fur garments for the season be sure to store them in cold storage. Professional fur storage facilities are equipped with temperature, humidity, and light-controlled space that protects your fur garments, keeping them from drying out, oxidizing and prematurely aging.
    • Have your fur cleaned every one to two years depending how frequently you wear it by a professional fur and leather care specialist, never a dry cleaner. Your fur may not look dirty but cleaning will remove particles you cannot see, keep your fur soft, and having your fur garment glazed will help it maintain it’s luster.
    • If you notice a split or tear in your fur take it into a fur care specialist as soon as possible for repair. This will prevent the damage from becoming more extensive and expensive to repair later.
    • When your fur is in your care be sure to hang it on a fur hanger or wide suit hanger. Never hang your fur on a wire hanger and allow enough space so that your fur is not crushed.
    • Hang your fur in a cool, spacious area without artificial light. Never store your furs in plastic or rubber bags as both prevent air from circulating and can cause the skins of furs to dry out. If you need to cover your fur use a lightweight breathable fabric bag. Breathable fabric bags should only be used temporarily to prevent dust and pollutants. When used long term anything pressing against a fur can pull and cause stress on the guard-hairs causing them to break.
    • When wearing your fur avoid the use carrying shoulder bags as the strap pressure on the shoulder or pressed against any other area of your fur can cause guard hairs to break.
    • Do not store your fur in a cedar closet. Cedar wood absorbs moisture which can dry your fur out. And cedar closets do not protect from dust, dirt, and insect damage.
    • Never store your fur with moth balls. Moth balls react with moisture in the air to produce a gas that acts as fumigant. This chemical reaction can cause irreparable damage to your fur. Moth balls will also create an almost impossible to remove odor.
    • Apply perfume and hairspray before putting your fur on. If you have to reapply take fur off first. Perfume, hairspray, and other chemicals contain alcohol and will dry the leather and stiffen the guard hairs.
    • Do not smoke cigarettes around furs which will cause a strong unremovable odor, leather drying, and fur oxidization.
    • If your fur gets wet shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. Avoid direct heat or radiators, which can damage both fur and leather. If your fur is soaked through take it immediately to your professional fur care specialist for proper treatment.
    • If your fur does suffer from extensive tears, dry areas, or missing fur take it into a professional fur care specialist who may be able to match fur to yours or restyle it to make it wearable again.
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Fur Storage and Care Tips

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