Gatsby is a celebration of fur

22 February of 2014 by

Luxuriously revamped fur styles from the Roaring ‘20s blend contemporary appeal with Jazz Age opulence in Baz Lehrmann’s new film, “The Great Gatsby.” The buzz surrounding the film has become a roar that will likely set fashion trends and make fur even more of an object of desire.

In the movie, virtually every frame featuring a woman shows a woman wearing fur. Several of the pieces adorning female characters are made of Saga Furs® Fox.

“The furs in ‘Gatsby’ are nothing short of magnificent,” says Saga Furs head of design & innovation Dorte Lenau Klint. “The film has anachronistic elements, but the styles would not be out of place today. The historical aspects of fashion have always been a source of inspiration and now we have the power of cinema to propel this potential Twenties trend. It’s like a self-fuelling fire.”

Prada designed the looks for the film. Klint notes how the Italian designer was an obvious choice for creating the cinematic styles. “There have been hints of the Twenties in previous collections and some pieces like the fur boas are right off the runway.” Saga Furs has helped Prada develop its fur creations for a number of years.

The fur look of the ‘20s is coming your way

The svelte silhouettes, crystals, embroidery, mixes of materials and general excess of the devil-may-care period indicate some parallels to our times.

“Contemporary designers have reacted to all the negative talk about a financial crisis by heaping luxury into creations. Superior quality fur is an obvious material chosen to play a major role in this process,” says Klint.  “I am very excited to see how far this trend goes, and pleased to say that we are in a position to help designers capture a contemporary Jazz Age look.”

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