Furward connects China and Europe

17 February of 2014 by

As a link between the Chinese and European marked, Furward offer services to clients who needs help with design, visual strategy, communication or branding.

Brands like Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Benedikte Utzon and Elise Gug already uses the consultancy firm Furward by Kopenhagen Fur, that gathers fur and fashion between China and Europe.

Furward has been in operation since last July, and has eight employees and many freelancers. They provide services in the categories: Design, visual strategy, communication and brand bridging.

For an example they are right now designing a logo for a client, who wants it to look trendier. They also do a lot of social media construction like websites and WeChat.

  • We help them find partners, who already have a retail channel, so that they don’t have to start all over, says Helen Guan, brand bridging director of Furward.

Furward also has clients, who have the materials, but not the designers, photographers and locations, so they make a full package with services for them.

  • The majority of the Kopenhagen Fur costumers don’t have designers, PR agencies and so on. We offer that. The fur trade can be conservative, and people don’t think it’s necessary to invest in that kind of services. We know the industry and we have a great network to service our clients, says general manager Chen Weixian, who has worked for Kopenhagen Fur the past nine years.

Chen Weixian thinks that it is important for Kopenhagen Fur and the rest of the fur industry to give people an opportunity to get help for improving their business.

  • Kopenhagen Fur is the biggest company in the industry. We need to do something extra to set an example and show that it pays off to invest. That will strengthen the whole industry, and not just our clients, Chen Weixian says.
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