FurLab educate young designers about fur

26 February of 2014 by

On 22 November, nine Masters students and two teachers from Antwerp Fashion Academy visited Furlab in Amsterdam to learn about fur. An annual event, the workshop always creates excitement but is met with a little apprehension, as these are students who know little about the fur industry.

The visitors were given information about the production of fur, sales figures and had the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. Following this discussion, Django Steenbakker, Creative Manager of Furlab, educated the students on a wide range of types of furs, including how and where the animals were bred, the structure of the skin, the differences between male and female furs, trapping wildlife and much more.

The students also learned to use the fur sewing machines and had plenty of time to experiment. Both students and teachers were very enthusiastic and the students who initially were reluctant about the use of fur before the workshop started seemed to be the biggest enthusiasts by the end.

source: http://www.wearefur.com/our-trade/fur-futures/blog/furlab-educate-young-designers-about-fur#sthash.j0uYPepL.dpuf

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