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18 February of 2014 by

We should probably start off by saying that, if truth be told, we aren’t concerned about animal welfare; the fur trade is a worldwide industry essentially built on the systematic abuse and slaughter of fur-bearing animals. We are, therefore, more than happy to deal in the attainment and sale of animal skin, otherwise we wouldn’t do it at all, let alone to the volume recorded. Each year, 50 million fur-bearing animals are killed worldwide, 3.3 million of which were raised on factory farms or intentionally caught in traps across the Canadian countryside.

All of those who are involved in the fur industry state they are “deeply committed to the humane treatment of animals” but as we demonstrate in the subsequent two sections, this is not the case and is yet another excellent marketing ruse, i.e. lie, used by industry professionals.

If we could give you one piece of advice it is this: if anyone tells you that fur is a symbol of cruelty, inhumanity, mass murder or that it makes you look heartless, you can always reassure yourself with the myth that fur is a symbol of beauty and wealth.





Fur – Fair trade

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Fur – Trappers, farmers, artisans

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