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Buying a fur piece is an investment whether it is brand new or second hand in many respects it is like buying an antique, it is something that gets better with age and can last a lifetime, if looked after properly. However, tastes, fashions and styles change.  Fur garments, like antiques can be remodelled and redesigned to reflect modern trends and look.

Many furriers offer a service to remodel, clean and store garments.


As part of our commitment to the next generation of designers and furriers, we introduced Pimp My Coat [PMC]. The concept behind PMC is to show the versatility and opportunities that fur offers designers and consumers.   PMC runs annually as part of our REMIX competition. Designers are set the task of redesigning and a vintage fur garment and then entering their sketches to us. We then share them with the international fashion jury consisting of fashion editors in all IFTF member countries. The jury selects the winning garment and then a vintage garment is remodelled following the design, in time for its big reveal at the REMIX final in Milan.

The 2012 winner of Pimp My Coat was Cristina Ramírez Ruiz. Cristina is a third year fashion design student at the Superior Design and Innovation School in Madrid. She has previously worked at the Museum of Costume, Madrid, and has designed several pieces of jewelry.  She writes a fashion blog, which combines her passion for costume and fashion design. [link to her blog] Her pimp my coat design was inspired by the works of Francis Bacon and his obsession with different shades of red. [include image]



There has been a huge revival in the sale of vintage fur both as a fashion item but also for those who like the nostalgia of by gone eras and want to recreate the look.

Buying Vintage fur is a good way to try the style and to experience the feeling of wearing fur without costing mega bucks.  If you want to find a bargain garment in the UK for example, try Spitalfields Fashion Market on a Thursday. WWW.SPITALFIELDS.CO.UK


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