Saga Furs sponsors the Fur Creativity Summer School in Greece

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Fur Europe and Hellenic Fur Federation in cooperation organize a Fur Creativity Summer School in Greece, located in the “fur-historically” significant Macedonia area. This pilot project brings together young people from diversified roles in the whole fur production chain like fashion people, animal technicians, economists and retailers, and it aims to promote fur industry for young people as well as empower the fur business entrepreneurship.

During the summer camp the students will be spending 3 days in Kastoria and 3 days in Siatista, the main fur manufacturing areas in Greece, and they will be introduced in all the production procedure, from mink production (breeding) until the fur garment retail sale. Study programme includes visiting fur farms, dressing companies, fashion atelier, fur factories (small and big ones) and retail shops. Students will also attend seminars in order to discuss fur-related issues as fur ethics, communication and marketing, material techniques etc.

Saga Furs, in the context of supporting important and innovative fur-related initiatives, supports this event by providing the participants with the needed study material, work wear and fur skins for workshop practice.

“It is extremely important to provide young professionals of different sectors with the opportunity to experience the vital and dynamic fur industry by getting acquainted not only with the material but also with the whole production chain, thus taking this ‘knowledge package’ back into their environment and influencing it positively as regards to this amazing natural product”, says Sophia Dimitriou Kourkopoulos, Saga Furs Area Manager in Greece.

Saga Furs wishes all the Fur Creativity Summer School attendees rewarding and productive summer school!

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