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10 June of 2014 by

Kopenhagen Fur’s young team of students visited a mink farm to learn about animal welfare, feed and mink breeders daily routines.

The students of Kopenhagen Fur Academy were in good spirits as they stepped out of the bus at Rørrendegård in Taastrup. The farm, which is run by Copenhagen University and is tasked with researching everything from mink, cows and grass, formed the center of the events.

The team consisted of approx. 20 young students from various nations. During the last week they have been learning about skin sorting and procedures in the auction room. These are skills that may benefit them as they make their way into the fur trade. During their stay they also have an opportunity to visit a farm and learn about the latest research.

– I find it very interesting to see the animals, says Nicolas Sørensen. His father worked many years in the fur trade and this has given Nicolas great insight to the business. However, he still believes that the course provides him with new opportunities.

– Event though I have some insight to this business due to my father’s work, this is a new approach for me. It is a good platform that leads into fur trade, because I learn about the auction and get to meet some of the new buyers and sellers in the future fur trade, he says.

Small steps

– It is a good way for us to learn about Kopenhagen Fur and learn about good and bad skin quality, says Bertisimas Stoyrnaras Dimitrios from Greece. He is part of family that has been in the fur trade for three generations. He has learned much from his father and has ambitions of becoming a broker.

– But it is important to stay calm and take small steps before venturing into this business, he adds.

Having experience with Kopenhagen Fur’s skin sorting isn’t just relevant for buyers and sellers. From a marketing point of view it can be useful to have some insight to the various stages of production as well as the wellbeing of the minks on the farms. This is why Ilaria Angelo from Italy has signed up for the course.

She works with marketing for Nuova Varese Pellicce, a fur company located near Milan.

– I believe that it can become quite relevant for me to inform people about how the product is made. That’s why it is so nice for me to come to Denmark and learn about fur and also see how good the animals are treated on the farm, she says.

The research farm in Taastrup is run by Copenhagen University and they conduct research on mink, pigs, cattle, grass and more. The visit is a regular part of the course.

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