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Fashion houses, designers, the fur trade, retailers, and editors: everybody involved in fashion knows Fur Vision is the first step on the way to a collection. “A roadshow of innovation,” Fur Vision’16 events in New York, Milan, London, Paris, Beijing and Shanghai drew a record number of invited guests who discovered the latest innovation to come from Saga Furs Design Center.

“Fur Vision is the future of the fur industry,” says Charlie Ross, head of international marketing and sustainability at Saga Furs, and the one who launched the concept 15 years ago in New York. As a successful tool for western designers, the event has since spread to all fashion capitals in Europe and hosted the biggest names in fashion industry. The newest Fur Vision cities Shanghai and Beijing had their premier events last week.


“Saga Furs has been working with Chinese fashion and fur industry closely for years and have an in-depth understanding that China has become a major fashion force with international popularity, while Shanghai and Beijing presents international fashion capitals with influence to drive and lead the fashion trends”, says Samantha Vesala, Business Director of Asia at Saga Furs. “It is the right moment for launching Fur Vision in Shanghai and Beijing for sharing Saga’s achievements on fur innovation and sustainability with Chinese fashion brands and designers. Fur Vision plays essential role in developing Chinese fur design to more modern and creative way and advancing stability and sustainability of Chinese fur market”.




“Some of the popular new techniques were combinations of fur with surprising materials such as cork, stone fabric and foil. Another hit was lightly-sheared fox that highlights luxury,” says Per Reinkilde, product development manager at Saga Furs Design Center. “Designers were generally looking for samples requiring workmanship they can call their own.”


Sustainability is just as important as inspiration

Fur Vision not only promotes Saga Furs as the leading innovator in the world of fur, but the gatherings also give fashion companies an opportunity to gain knowledge of Saga’s long-standing policy of responsible practices all along the production chain – knowledge that is passed on to the discerning consumer.

“At all the venues we had many discussions about sustainability and Farm Certification, which are vital elements of our brand,” says Ross. “A growing number of fashion houses and designers insist upon transparency and traceability, values only we can offer.”



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